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Palestinian Products

Palestinian Products

Canaan Fair Trade
Based in Jenin, this body, a member of the Palestine Fair Trade Association, acts as a retail outlet for the produce of over 1 700 small farmers organized in informal cooperatives.

Products for sale:
organic olive oil, olives, couscous, almonds, sun dried tomatoes, tahina, za’atar (thyme), honey, olive oil soap

Cremisan Wine
Cremisan organic wines, now produced by the Salesian Brothers, have been marketed for over a century. Situated on the lands of Beit Jala, the monastery with its vineyards is squeezed in between two large illegal settlements (It could be that the presence of the monks is the reason that this piece of land has not been taken over by the settlers)
The work of the Salesian priests, Brothers and Sisters support the poor. They run technical and professional schools and an artistic centre with olive wood, mother of pearl and ceramics workshops. The Salesian Youth Centre is popular in Bethlehem with young people and the Salesian bakery in Bethlehem continues to provide bread for the poorest families. You should be aware that while this wine is a Palestinian product, currently Cremisan wines are labelled as produce of Israel –  without this the occupation authorities would not allow the wine to be exported.
Products for sale: –   organic wine, carved olive wood

Glasgow Palestine Human Rights Campaign
This group is well known by those who pass through one of Glasgow’s busy pedestrianised streets, Buchanan Street, any Saturday afternoon. There is also an online-shop.
The work of the Campaign is characterized by the personal contact GPHRC has with its customers – both in Glasgow and in the refugee camps. Personal testimony and  personal insight into the occupation is to be found on the Campaign’s web site.
The Campaign funds the education of students and childrens’ groups in refugee camps, Jenin’s Freedom Theatre, Amal Centre in Bethlehem and Tel Rumeida in Hebron.
Products for sale: Palestine football strips, T shirts, scarves, wrist and sweat bands, necklets, mother-of-pearl, olive wood and Palestine solidarity pin badges, keffiyehs, Palestine flags
Suppliers:     Balata, Aida and Azzeh refugee camps

Graces’ Little Shop
Supplier of organic, fair trade, hand crafted goods, culinary oils, food, confectionary and soap.
Products for sale     Zaytoun olive oil, Salaam olive oils infused with herbs, Thyme, couscous,
Suppliers:   Canaan Fair Trade, Project Hope, Zaytoun


Hadeel is owned by the Scottish charity, Palcrafts, and aims to provide a sustainable source of income for craftspeople working in community based groups in the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon. All profit is gift aided to the charity and returned to the producer groups in the form of development grants.  Hadeel is the only BAFTS (British Assoc. of FT Shops)  registered Fair Trade shop specializing in Palestinian products and the only approved importer. Sunbula is the sister shop in Jerusalem (
Products for sale:    embroidery, olive wood carvings, olive oil soap, almonds, couscous, mother of pearl jewelry, glassware, ceramics, books and cards


Sulafa, UNRWA Embroidery Project, Gaza
Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children, Gaza
Bethlehem Arab Women’s Union
The Cave, International Centre, Bethlehem
Bethlehem Committee for Rehabilitation and Development
Issa Musleh Beit Sahour
Surif Women’s Cooperative, near Hebron
Women’s Child Care Society, Beit Jala
Oasis Workshop for People with Special Needs, Beit Sahour
Lifegate Rehabilitation, Beit Jala
Idna Ladies’ Association  
Al Shurooq School for Blind Children
Rawdat El Zuhur
Jalazon Refugee Camp YWCA Project
Melkite Palestinian Embroidery Workshop, Ramallah
Friends of the Sick, Ramallah
Association Najdeh, Al Badia, Lebanon    &  others

Association for the Development of Palestinian Camps
This is a Lebanese social and cultural association founded in 1969. The main purpose is the creation of jobs for the women in the Palestinian refugee camps while, at the same time, providing support for the elderly and helping revive Palestinian heritage.
Products for sale: embroidery items

Merian Derwent

This organization focuses on the  Palestinian Christian community, especially in and around Jerusalem and Bethlehem, where many of them live, eking out a living through carving olive wood and doing cross stitch needlework, intended for the tourist industry, severely restricted as this is in the current circumstances. In addition Hebron ceramics and glass are sold through this outlet.
Products for sale carved olive wood, mother-of-pearl jewelry, cards, ceramics and Hebron glassware ( this includes decorative glassware imported from Germany it used to be Gaza before the economic embargo was imposed – and hand decorated in Hebron)

St George’s Bazaar in East Jerusalem.
Ibrahim Jaber, a tour guide (when work is available) sources directly  from the craft workshops in Bethlehem.
Ibrahim Bader’s shop in the Old City of Jerusalem (agent for Tamimi Ceramics in Hebron, supplier of glass decorated in Gaza and of the unique Hebron glass from the Al Saleh factory).
The Arab Women’s Union in Bethlehem – suppliers of traditional cross stitch needlework.
The YMCA of Beit Sahour and East Jerusalem

Olive Cooperative
Olive Co-operative seeks to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by Palestinians, and to support those working for a just peace in Palestine and Israel. It aims to do this by three main means: sponsorship of new olive trees, arranging tours to Palestine and Israel, and selling Palestinian “fairly traded” goods in the UK.
Products for sale: carved olive wood, olive oil soap, olive oil & other edibles, ceramics, embroidery, cards, books, magazines
Aseela  – a women’s co-operative based in Bethlehem.
Atfaluna Centre for Deaf Children in Gaza
Cultural Heritage Enrichment Centre
Dehaishe Women’s Collective
Oasis Workshop – for people with learning difficulties
Qeera Co-operative & others


Paltrade  (Palestine Trade Centre)
It is the National Trade Development Organization (NTDO) and has a membership of more than 260 Palestinian leading businesses. It is entirely commercial in nature, reliant on funding from external donors and its survival entirely in the hands of Israel, the occupier.

Olive Tree
This supplier has no website
They can be contacted at   or at 01505612963
Olive Tree sources its goods directly:

  • embroidered goods eg bags and scarves etc from cooperatives in West Bank and Gaza…( Idna, Surif and Sunbula Fair Trade outlets and sometimes from refugee camps.)
  • good products from small workshops in Bethlehem… some are cooperatives. Jewellery likewise.
  • Olive oil from Taybeh – in cooperation with Fr Raed of the RC parish (with all profit directly to the medical centre and old peoples refuge)
  • Soap –  mineral Dead Sea, from outlets in Ramallah.

Also sold are some books about Palestinian issues, cards and book marks
Olive Tree is prepared to travel to churches and craft fairs, particularly in West/Central Scotland – but will consider travelling further afield. In conjunction with selling Palestinian goods, the organizers will give informed talks on the current situation as it affects the Palestinian under occupation in the West Bank.

Sindyanna of Galilee
This is a non-profit, Fair Trade (member of IFAT) organization which markets agricultural products from Arab farmers from Israel and the West Bank.
One of Sindyanna’s guiding aims is to give women an equal chance, and to advance the economic situation of Arab women in Israel.

Products for sale: olive oil, olive oil soap, selection of palm frond and cane baskets, honey, carob syrup, za’atar (Biblical hyssop)

Taybeh  Beer

Brewed in a microbrewery just outside Ramallah., Taybeh is the only Palestinian beer.

The Holy Land Handicraft Cooperative Society

This coop is owned by 36 local producers based in Bethlehem, Beit Sahour and Beit Jala. It is a Fair Trade Organisation and a member of  IFAT.
Products for sale: olivewood, mother-of-pearl, ceramics, blown glass, embroidery, various jewelry (including religious artefacts), salted almonds, couscous


Zaytoun is an ethical, Fair Trade, business established to support marginalized farming communities in Palestine. They work with an agricultural cooperative in Palestine called Al Zaytouna. The aim of Al Zaytouna is to defend the olive tree and market its products. Al Zaytouna is to be found across the West Bank and  focus on working on cooperative principles.  Zaytoun is a member of IFAT. It has been awarded the Soil Association certification for organic oil and is a member of Cooperatives UK
Products for sale:   olives, olive oil, olive oil soap, olive twig baskets, dates, almonds, za’atar, couscous

Suppliers :
The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee
The Palestinian Olive Tree Association
Union of Agricultural Work Committee
Project Hope
UK Suppliers of Zaytoun Olive Oil
Wild Thyme wholefoods, Castle Gates, Shrewsbury 01743 364559
Shrewsbury Fair Trade Shop, 8 St John’s Hill, Shrewsbury 01743 352048
Myriad Organics in Ludlow, 22 Corve Street, Ludlow,01584 872665
Honeysuckle Wholefoods, Church Street, Oswestry01691 653125  

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