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Marks and Spencers

“We will always work to respect strongly held cultural or ethical beliefs.”

                                                                                        (Code of Ethics)


Marks and Spencer plc

Waterside House

35 North Wharf Road

London W2 1NW




Grapes, lychees, fresh figs, plums, dates, Hass avocados


Fresh herbs (possibly stated as from the West Bank)


Sweet potatoes, potatoes ( Maris Piper, Desiree, Jacket, Marfona, King Edward), crunchy sweet red peppers, miniature potatoes, organic new potatoes

The Israeli produce found on supermarket shelves varies from shop to shop. Easi-piesi is aiming for a good geographical spread of information which reflects the penetration of Israeli produce into the UK market.

Easi-piesi has an ongoing programme of recruiting shopping panelists. These are volunteers who will feed back details of Israeli produce/products to be found on supermarket shelves.

  • If you can find the time – either on a regular or intermittent basis – to peruse the shelves and spot the Israeli or settlement (“West Bank”) products which do not feature on this list
  • If you have information on any Israeli produce on sale within the UK
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