Palestine Israel Ethical Shopping Initiative

Boycott Divestment & Sanctions



“treat people how we like to be treated” 

  “no-one tries harder for customers”   (Corporate Responsibility Review 2008) 


Tesco PLC

New Tesco House

Delamare Road



England EN8 9SL



fruit juice, mango, avocado, grapes, stonefruit, dates, oranges, Sunrise grapefruit, Shamouti oranges, organic and white grapefruit, red and yellow grapefruit, lemons, Sharon fruit,  King Solomon dates, “Jordan River” Hadiklaim natural dates, Halawi dates, Medjool dates, organic Medjool dates, Navel Valencia oranges, Jaffa oranges , grapefruit, tangerines and clementines (together with Tropicana juice special offer – indicating the origin of the Tropicana juice?), avocado (Carmel Zemach), baby avocado (Hass), Pomelo fruit (Carmel/Agrexco)


a variety (including Tesco’s own name), ‘Israel’ and ‘West Bank’ fresh herbs including fresh dill, basil, chives, mint, lemon thyme, rosemary, sage 


pickled cucumbers herbs – a variety (but packed under Tesco’s own name) Exquisa potatoes, mixed peppers from Israel and a second country of origin Nicola new potatoes, baby new potatoes, white organic potatoes ( possibly mixed with others from a different country of origin ), organic cherry tomatoes, aromatic on the vine cherry tomatoes, red chillies, organic swwet pointed peppers


Barkan wine, Yarden wine, biscuits, cold meat, dips, Osem (soups and cakes), snacks by Beigel & Beigel, Telma (soup mixes and cubes, noodles etc), socks (Tesco own brand)


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