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Israeli Producers


Israeli Producers



Growers of peppers using the  logo ADA

Adanim Tea Co. (1991) Ltd.

Bio-organic herbal teas and spices as well as ordinary herbal, fruit and medical teas. Located on Ofra settlement


Watch out for this name.  A very big player in Israel’s agricultural sector. Their produce includes the brand name “Coral” which once graced strawberry exports from Gaza. It has been argued that this label indicates “Palestinian produce”. A more apt description would be produce resulting from Palestinian labour, with the word “exploitation” very much a feature.


Skin care/paramedical products for face, body and hair incorporating Dead Sea minerals and water. From the Dead Sea Laboratories Ltd.


Sesame products: Halva, Tehina, Sweets and Syrups.

Achva halva is marketed in packages ranging from 25 grams to 3 kilogram blocks.


Abir Textile Industries Ltd., located in the Barkan industrial zone, promotes its branded sewing threads Uni Core and Core Jet by saying that manufacturers for companies such as Marks and Spencers and Levi’s have had company approval for use of Abir’s threads in the production of their products


Agriver markets the following fresh products: strawberries ,cut herbs, pomegranate seeds , figs , peppers , passion fruit , carrots.Their fresh cut herb range of products includes a new herb called Salicornia

Beigel & Beigel

Pretzels, savoury biscuits and crackers

Barkan Wine Cellars Ltd.

Varieties of wine sold under the Reserved, Barkan and Village labels.


Commonly associated with Agrexco.


Producers of melons and mini water melons.

Cut Flowers

About 80% of Israeli flowers are exported to European auctions, particularly the Aalsmeer and Flora auctions in the Netherlands. About 15% are sold by the Agrexco Agricultural Export Company under its brand label “Carmel”. Cut flowers exported by Agrexco are packaged in bulk packages marked “Carmel Flowers”.

The Yesha (Hebrew acronym for Judea and Samaria and Gaza) settlement web site, Jordan Valley communities, describes flower cultivation as the most important component of Jordan Valley settlement agriculture. Settlement flowers are sold under the grower’s identity number on either the Netherlands and/or German auctions, or are pooled with flowers from Israel for sale by Agrexco as Carmel Flowers.

The most common flowers grown in Jordan Valley settlements are:

Roses (long stem and short stem), Gypsophila (baby’s breath), Gerbera (transvaal daisy),Solidago (goldenrod), Hypericum, Helianthus (sunflower), Carnation, Aster


Growing dates is one of the major agricultural activities carried out by nearly half of the Israeli settlements located in the Jordan Rift Valley, and contributes significantly to their economic viability.

“Jordan Plains” and “Jordan River” are the major Israeli date export brands. The main date varieties grown in the Jordan Valley are “Medjoul” and “Deglet Nour”. In the case of Jordan Plains, the dates the company markets are grown exclusively on Israeli settlement plantations. Jordan Plains dates are exported in market bulk packages (5 kgs) as “Produce of Jordan Valley – Israel” by the Agrexco Agricultural Export Company under its brand label “Carmel”.

In the case of Jordan River, Jordan River Bio Top and King Solomon (brand names of Hadiklaim – the Israel Date Growers Cooperative Ltd.), dates grown on Israeli settlements are either:

1) co-mingled with dates grown on date plantations inside Israel

2) packaged at settlement packing houses in bulk packages (5 kgs) which are identical to the bulk packages used at the main Jordan River packing houses inside Israel

Market bulk packages of dates are available generally via wholesalers and in street fruit and vegetable markets. In supermarkets and produce stores the dates are often re-packaged into smaller quantities which designate Israeli origin. These smaller quantities are sometimes packaged under the supermarket’s own label.


A leading digital printing and on-line company based in Haifa

Dead Sea Products

These include a range of cosmetics and soap with Dead Sea Mud a constituent component. Look carefully at the country of origin, Dead Sea Mud products are also made in Palestine (Jana Natural Ltd) and in Jordan.

Eden Springs 

Established in the occupied Golan, this company started its commercial life bottling water stolen from the water sources under occupation. It is now a prominent company in the bottled water sector with contracts to be found with companies, offices, universities etc.

A prominent target of boycott campaigns

Golan Heights Winery

Varieties of wine sold under the Yarden, Gamla and Golan labels.

The winery is located in the Katzrin Industrial Area on the Golan Heights.

A list of the Golan Heights Winery’s world-wide agents is available via its website:


Table grapes grown in settlements in the Jordan Rift Valley are exported to Europe by the Agrexco Agricultural Export Company under its brand label “Carmel”. Some grapes are exported by the Jordan River Grapes company. Main export table grape varieties are Perlette, generally available in May and June, followed by Superior Seedless and Thompson Seedless. The largest European importer of Israeli grapes is the Netherlands.


The industrial town of Kiryat Gat (situated in the Negev) hosts, amongst many other industrial producers, Intel’s latest state of the art computer chip manufacturing plant known as Fab 28. The factory is built on the land of the now long demolished villages of  al-Faluja and ‘Iraq al-Manshiya

Note: Intel’s main, if not only, competitor providing equivalent computer chips is AMD


The fact that the description “JAFFA” has long been associated with Israeli citrus exports, particularly oranges, is due to the success of Israeli propaganda (which has always ignored the the Palestinian origins of the Jaffa orange). This orange has long been cultivated throughout the world, possibly originating from China. It is possibly not a trade name, but simply one hi-jacked by the Israeli state.

Increasingly producers appear to be trying to reap the benefit of using the name JAFFA, so not all JAFFA oranges are sourced from Israel. Care should be taken in checking the country of origin before purchasing produce with the JAFFA label.


Lloydspharmacy stock Israeli TEVA pharmaceuticals in all of their outlets anywhere – doesn’t matter which supermarket or high street own shop.


This company’s subsidiary, L’Oreal Israel, operates from the settlement of Migdal Ha’emek in Lower Galilee. This settlement is established on the lands of the ethnically cleansed village of al-Mujaydil.

In 1994, L’Oreal bought a 30 percent stake in the Israeli company Interbeauty, from which L’Oreal Israel was created. Brands owned by L’Oreal include L’Oreal Israel (which manufacturers a line of products using Dead Sea minerals under the name “Natural Sea Beauty”); L’Oréal Paris; Garnier; Maybelline New York; Softsheen, Carson; CCB Paris

One of L’Oreal’s most well-known global brands, The Body Shop, boasts that one of its core values is “We’ve never been afraid to champion the vulnerable and the disadvantaged, and we continue to campaign for social justice and human rights.”

L’Oreal awarded a $100,000 “lifetime achievement” award to a scientist at Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science in July 2008. The Weizmann Institute, since its establishment, has been a major center for clandestine research and development of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons on behalf of Israel’s military establishment with which it has close ties. It is, therefore, one of many academic institutions in Israel that are in collusion with the state’s violations of international law and Palestinian human rights, and which are targeted for academic boycott by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI)


Research shows that Motorola and its wholly owned subsidiary, Motorola Israel, directly support Israel’s human rights abuses and occupation of Palestinian territory by:

*Producing the 980 Low Altitude Proximity Fuse for the MK-80 series of high-explosive bombs. On July 30, 2006, during its war on Lebanon, the Israeli Air Force dropped an MK-84 high-explosive bomb on an apartment building in Qana, Lebanon. The bomb killed at least 28 civilians, many of whom were children, who had taken shelter in the basement of their apartment building.

*Developing and supplying the Israeli military with the “Mountain Rose” secure cell phone communication system, which is the exclusive communications system in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

*Supplying Israel with the Wide Area Surveillance System (WAAS) to monitor and maintain the illegal wall it has constructed in the Palestinian West Bank. Motorola Israel’s provision of the WAAS to Israel contradicts the International Court of Justice (ICJ) advisory opinion in July 2004.

*Providing radar detection devices and thermal cameras for 47 illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land.  According to the Fourth Geneva Conventions, Article 49, it is a war crime for an occupying power to transfer its civilian population in to occupied territories.


The Israeli company Mehadrin Tnuport Export (MTex)  is the largest producer of fresh fruits and vegetables in Israel.

Citrus is core business for MTex, but the assortment is increasing. At the moment, MTex grows oranges, mandarins, lemons, grapefruits, pomelos, sweeties, kumquats, avocados, mangoes, sharon fruit, litchis, grapes, pomegranates, dates, carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes for export.

MTex is a leading global supplier of the JAFFA brand

Mapal Plastic Products

Manufacturers of finished and semi-finished desktop items made out of polypropylene to customer requirements. Client categories: 1) wholesalers and chain stores – school and college supply 2) wholesalers and chain stores – stationary supply 3) chain stores – household goods 4) stationary and school supply manufacturers 5) industrial and agricultural. Located on the Golan Heights.

Trade name: Flic-Stationary

Mapal Plastic Products Agricultural Products Division produces polypropylene growing troughs for various substrates, thickness of the growing troughs ranges from 800 to 1200 micron (for greenhouses) Kibbutz Mevo-Hama

Soda-Club Ltd.

In-home carbonation systems and syrups for the preparation of soda and soft drinks. Soda Stream, Soda Cool, Soda Fun labels.

Soda-Club Ltd.’s manufacturing facility is located in the Mishor Adumim (Edomim) Industrial Zone between Jerusalem and Jericho.

A list of Soda-Club international enterprises is available via its website: Version 06 April 2002 3

UK: Soda Club (Europe) Ltd., Peterborough and Soda Stream Ltd., Peterborough

Found in: UK:  Boots the Chemists Ltd., Argos

Shamir Food Industries Ltd.

Producer of prepared salads under the brand name: Shamir    A Family of Delies

Some of the 75 assorted salads reportedly produced by Shamir: Humous, Oriental Cabbage, Peppers & Olives, Matbucha, Tachina Sesame dip. Located in the Barkan industrial zone in the western West Bank.

Shamir advertises that it sells its salads to many of the world’s largest supermarket chains:

Stock S.P.A.

Brands of the Italian distillery Stock are produced under license by Barkan Wine Cellars which is located in the Barkan Industrial Zone in the western West Bank. According to Stock’s website’s international distribution network page, Barkan produces the following brands: Stock 84 Brandy; Grappa Julia; Keglevich Fruit Vodka, Keglevich Clear Vodka; Monfort Wines.

Since 1995 Stock has been part of the German multinational Eckes AG, a leader in the production and distribution of spirits and fruit juices. Grappa Julia is one of Eckes AG top alcoholic brands.


Our understanding is that TEVA has penetrated the generic market for pharmaceuticals (including prescription drugs) on a large scale within the UK. (SEE  Lloydspharmacy)

Top Eden Fruits Ltd

Growers of passionfruit and dragon fruit (pitaya)

UMS Trade

Producer of citrus fruits and vegetables incl. peppers from Moshav Bet Gamliel

Zeraim Gedera 

One of the world’s leading seed companies. A recent development development is that of a new type of tomato recognized by its distinctive elongated shape.

Having a deep red colour, this tomato adapts well to different climatic conditions and is used for cooking as well as for fresh consumption.


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